Lightroom is the go-to tool for photographers wanting to manage their collections and edit photos - I've used it for years now and have loved every moment of it. Today I thought I'd share a few of the sneaky little tricks I use to speed up my photo processing!

Auto-align horizons

We're all guilty of it - taking photos where the horizon isn't quite flat. Sometimes this is on purpose, but more often than not we just didn't get it quite right.

Simply click the Auto button in your crop/straighten panel and boom - your horizon should now be straight! No more manually dragging rulers across your photo.

Smart 'flagged' library

I'm a big fan of flagging photos (press the ~ key) - it lets me keep track of the shots I want to edit and note which ones I want to export when I'm done.

Every time I create a new catalog the first thing I do is setup a 'to export' smart gallery by clicking the '+' at the top of collections in the left hand side bar and setting up a flagged filter.

Custom presets

As fun as it is changing all the settings all the time, when working on large photo sets it gets pretty time consuming. Over the years I have slowly setup a base set of styles that I apply to photos before making any touch ups they may need.

I've even stored them in their own folder so they don't get lost in the large list of other presets Lightroom provides.

Quick touch ups

Sometimes you need to make a quick touch up to a photo - for example, remove a small dirt spot from the lens or tidy up a stray power line. You could jump into Photoshop or you can use the spot removal tool that's built right into Lightroom.

Lightroom lets you both click on spots to remove them and click and drag over areas you wish to tidy up. It can take a few tries to get it right, but it's usually worth it!

Multiple watermark positions

As photographers we all know it's a good idea to watermark our photos to decrease the chances that they get stolen. If you're like me you place your logo on one of the corners. I generally pick the top right, but sometimes it just doesn't look quite right there.

To get around this I have a bunch of the same watermarks setup but in different positions so I can pick the perfect one.

What are your favorite quick tips?

Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear what things make your life easier when working in Lightroom!