Oh hey! It’s been a while - sorry about that! Things have been pretty crazy here (in an awesome way), so while you were busy taking some sweet as photos, here’s what we’ve been up to.

Custom domains

That’s right, you can now use clients.yourstudio.com. Or photos.yourname.me. Or anything you can imagine! We’re pretty stoked to have this out the door as it means you can keep your Shnappy studio on brand.


Find out how to setup a custom domain for your studio.

Quick (and also slightly magic) client login

Imagine this: Your client excitedly opens your share email, taps “View Gallery” and immediately forgets their password - the experience was a bit complicated, so we fixed it! Now your client only has to click or tap their unique “View Gallery” button and BOOM - your beautiful photos are there in front of them straight away!

The link is valid for 30 days; after that they’ll need to enter the password to keep your work safe.

“Worker” updates

Behind Shnappy runs a small team of computers that we call workers. We’ve given them a HUGE overhaul recently as Daniel got sick of handholding them all the time. What does this mean for you? All the magic behind Shnappy now runs faster and even more smoothly than before, which is always a good thing!

Featured on Beta List

On the 13th of February Shnappy got featured on BetaList.com, a site where people can find out about the coolest upcoming products. We were stoked with the response! So many photographers registered to try out Shnappy that we had to build a whole new way of sending out beta invites.

Shnappy Swag

We have some sweet as Shnappy stickers on their way very soon! Who wants some? We have a few up for grabs - get in while they last!


Not part of the beta and feel like you’re missing out? You are! Register here, we’re sending out invites super quick this week!

That was a tad longer than usual… What’s a long blog post between friends though, right?

Our next post won’t be quite so far away, promise! ‘Til then, stay awesome!