Daylight Savings begins in New Zealand today - so when better to do another kick arse release?

First up

We have refined the client interface again. The cover image now displays in high quality across top of your galleries, inviting your clients in.



Sometimes you want to let your clients download high quality versions of your photos. Seems fair to us! Under each clients settings you can turn downloads on and off. And just to top off the awesome you can set the default state in your studio settings. Boom.


And last, but not least

We have made a number of huge improvements under the skin of Shnappy to make it quicker, more reliable and even more awesome. So stay tuned, we’ll have a few things in the pipeline over the next few weeks.

We want your feedback

Have an sweet idea for Shnappy? Maybe there’s something you think could work a little better? Hit us up - the more feedback the better!


Happy shnapping!