Fridays are pretty sweet - you’ve just finished a week at work and you’re getting amped up for your shoots over the weekend. We thought we’d make them even sweeter - every Friday we’ll bring you a cool freebie and some interesting links from the week.

So, here’s our first post!

Lightroom Presets

You can never have too many Lightroom presets, especially ones that you love using. Daniel has very kindly donated three of his own hand-crafted ones for you.

The original photo


Not bad, but a tad flat, as to be expected from a RAW shot.



Nothin’ like a bit of fade to give you that nostalgic feeling.

“Sunny as”


No sun? No worries - ‘Sunny as’ takes care of making any day look golden and warm!

“White rock”


A little harsh, a little detailed. Developed to bring out blues and greens under the intense New Zealand sun.

Download the presets. Simply extract the ZIP file and copy them into your Lightroom Presets folder.

Cool links

Boom! Have an epic weekend.

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