Happy New Year! It’s 2015… Let’s start the year off with a bang! And what better way than some new toys in Shnappy?


Shnappy now allows you to sort your galleries into albums! Useful for when you’re shooting an event with different stages or have done multiple shoots with the same client.

Albums are automatically created when you add folders to your client’s Dropbox directory, cool eh? And if you don’t create any albums, Shnappy even hides the album picker from the client!


Client activity streams

Keep up to date with what’s happening on each of your client galleries with the new client activity stream. You can even reply to comments and likes directly from your client view, saving you the hassle of logging into individual galleries.


Other bits and pieces

  • If your client refreshes their gallery page they no longer need to re-enter their pin code.
  • The dashboard news stream has a cool new look.
  • ‘Share’ emails now get sent with the correct ‘reply to’ email address meaning you will receive replies.
  • Client defaults are now consistently applied when creating a new client.
  • Image display speed improvements. You can never be too quick, right?

What’s next?

We’ve been cranking along for six months now – and what a six months it’s been. Thanks to everyone for their support!

This year Shnappy will be getting even more awesomeness injected into it. Think stories, templates and far more customisation.

Till next time, stay awesome!