Studio pages are now up and running! Whoop! Now your clients only have to remember your Shnappy domain. Only the cover image is shown and passwords are still required, so don't worry, your photos are still safe!

You can hide selected clients from the Studio page and even turn if completely off for your studio if you’re not comfortable showing your clients. Find out more.

Nice URLs

Our client URLs were a bit… gross. Nothing quite like sending out As of now, those days are over! Your clients name will now get used instead. Cool eh?

Unique password issue

This was a poor design decision on our part - but the issue where your passwords had to be unique is gone! They should still probably be unique, but it’s not a hard and fast rule anymore. Thanks for the feedback!

Help Centre

It’s still light on content, but we’ve started our Help Centre! We’ll be adding more and more content to it as time goes on. If you have a suggestion, please say hello -

What’s next then?

Photo stories will be out before long. And a few other things that are still secret for now.

Happy Monday!