Last week we opened Shnappy up to even more people. They provided some awesome feedback… And today it’s available for you to play with!

Brand it up

Shnappy now allows you to brand up your client pages by choosing your colours, using your logo and setting a header layout. Boom.

How to setup your logo.


We have a lot more in the branding department soon too, so keep an eye out.

Automatic cover photo

If you decide (or forget, don’t worry, your secret is safe with us) not to upload a cover photo it’s all good. Shnappy now chooses your first photo to use meaning your clients won’t see a big white space at the top. Phew.

Updated share email

You told us the email didn’t look as good as it could… We listened! The email is now wider and shows your cover image off in full width glory.


As per usual, there’s lots of little fixes and changes throughout. We’re working on getting a list of these that’s constantly updated for you to see.

Want to be part of the beta?

You can! Register at¬†and we’ll send you an invite.

Happy Wednesday!