Hey all - Daniel here. Over the last six months we’ve posted a lot about what we’ve been up to… But I thought it was time to jump right back to where Shnappy started.

Back in 2011 I picked up my first DSLR after deciding to make the move from my iPhone, and I immediately fell in love with photography. There’s something magical about capturing moments in time and peoples’ lives that I still find inspiring to this very day.

As time went on I began shooting for people other than myself, and I started to explore the world of digital photo distribution. I explored various products and settled on a very simple solution for the first while - private pages on my photography site. While the software is great for websites, it’s not ideal for uploading galleries and getting client feedback.

In mid-2014, whilst uploading photos to my website and dealing with a rubbish internet connection, it hit me: there must be a better way to upload images than this. And why not use a cloud storage service like Dropbox which can sync files awesomely?

Shnappy was born.

Shnappy gives you, the photographer, the ability to focus more exclusively on your awesome photography skills and connecting with your clients without have to worry about effective image distribution or the management side of things.

By letting you export your high quality photos to Dropbox, Shnappy saves you time watermarking and uploading your images through the browser separately. And if your internet connection goes out, no worries. Dropbox will pick up where it left off.

As a photographer, you understand how hard it can be to get clear feedback from clients after sending out their disc or Dropbox folder link. Shnappy opens up the lines of communication by allowing comments and favourites, keeping you up to date with a client and making album image selection (and ordering that extra print for Grandma) a breeze.

We’re actively seeking beta testers - if this sounds like you, register at To say thanks, you’ll get Shnappy free for life!