It's been awhile since we've posted anything - sorry about that! I'd like to reaffirm that Shnappy is still under active development and that we're still 100% committed to making it the best photo sharing application out there. Which brings me nicely onto some exciting news...

Over the past two years, Shnappy has been lovingly built in our spare time - evenings and weekends have been spent cranking out features to make your lives easier. Obviously though there are so many hours in a day, which makes getting everything done tricky. On the 1st of July I finished up at my previous employer and Shnappy has become my full time commitment! I'm super excited to be spending all day, every day working on Shnappy and it means that things can now happen at super speed.

A few of product updates

You can now manage your photos, see comments on them and view favourites all from one new super slick screen in your Shnappy account. No more jumping around different places trying to keep up!

Shnappy now remembers everyone you've shared photos with, giving you a straightforward way to keep track of your clients and see which galleries they have access to.

Sometimes you only want your client to be able to access their photos for a set amount of time. Shnappy lets you expire galleries when they're no longer needed.

Plus a few other bits & bobs

  • Clients can now share their galleries with their friends
  • Ability to change introduction in your emails
  • Bulk download favourited images
  • Modernised "Studio Page"
  • Big performance improvements to large galleries