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Always growing, here's a list of our current features

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For you, the photographer

Make it your own

Upload your logo and choose fonts and colors that match your brand perfectly.

Dedicated client galleries

Each client gets their own gallery, keeping comments and favorites separate and allowing you to keep track of what's happening.

Password protection

Your photos are secure and private - only people you invite in can view them. Privacy settings allow you to choose exactly what your clients can see and do with your photos.


Separate big shoots into albums, giving your clients a simpler way to look through their photos.


Upload both photos and videos, giving your clients one place to view their whole event.

Activity streams

Keep track of what your clients are doing inside of their galleries and easily see what you need to respond to.

Optional auto expiry

You can set an expiry date to automatically hide a gallery once it’s no longer required.

Fully hosted

Your galleries are hosted on our secure cloud environment. No more worrying about downtime and updating software.


Keep track of your clients and easily contact them from within Shnappy.

Automatic watermarks

Shnappy can automatically place your watermark in your chosen position before displaying photos to your clients.

Gallery statistics

Keep track of how many visits your gallery is getting.

Photo management

View and edit metadata on your photos right in Shnappy - perfect for when you're on the run.

Auto create clients from Dropbox

Creating a new folder in your Shnappy folder automatically sets up a client using your studio defaults.

Easy sharing with clients

Invite your clients to view their photos right inside Shnappy. They'll be sent a magic login link that saves them having to type their password.

Layout pickers

Pick a studio header and gallery cover style that matches your brand perfectly.

Custom domains

Map your domain to Shnappy and continue your brand across all your sites.

Google Analytics

Easy Google Analytics integration lets you see exactly how many people are visiting your studio page.

Unlimited traffic

Shnappy doesn't limit the number of people that can view your gallery in a given month. Share those photos!

Studio wide defaults

Set your defaults once and have them applied whenever you create a new client.

Image cropping

Quickly crop your cover images without needing to open Photoshop.

For your clients

Amazing experience

Shnappy lets your photos take center stage whilst providing a beautifully created experience that makes viewing everything a breeze.


You and your clients can collaborate together, both receiving notifications when something happens.


Your clients can keep track of their favorite photos and view them all in one place.

Mobile ready

Your clients are mobile, your galleries should be too. Shnappy runs perfectly across devices of all sizes.

Bulk and single photo downloads

Your clients can download images how they choose - either one at a time or as a zip file. No more DVDs and USB sticks.


Your clients can easily share their favorite photos with their friends via email or social media.

Always available

Your Shnappy galleries will stay online as long as your Shnappy account is active, or until you delete them.