Getting setup with Shnappy

Here's what you'll need to sign up to Shnappy, how to set up your studio, and links to pages that'll help you get started using Shnappy.

Setting up an account

To setup an account you'll need a web browser and a Dropbox account. If you don't already have a Dropbox account, it's quick and free to create one. Set an account up now.

Once you've setup a Dropbox account you can now log into Shnappy and an account will be created for you.

Creating a studio

Enter the name of your photography studio (for example Bob's Photography). This should be something that people recognise you by.


You can also upload your logo now. It will displayed on your client portfolio page. At this time only PNG files are supported.

Creating your first client

Shnappy divides each of your customers up into clients, giving each person controlled access to their photos.


Simply hit the "Create Client" button and choose a name and password. You can also pick a album template that will setup a folder structure for uploading your photos into.

Upload some photos

When you create your client you will have noticed that a folder has appeared in your Dropbox folder (/Apps/Shnappy/Clients). You can simply place photos into this directory and Shnappy will begin serving them to your client.


You can also hit the 'Open in Dropbox' link inside of Shnappy and drag + drop your photos into your browser.

Viewing your gallery

Press the 'View Gallery' button inside of your client in Shnappy. Enter your password and your gallery will show up. This is the same view that your clients will see.